Lone River Ranch Water
‘Follow it West’
(Cowboy Poetry)  

Ranch Water is a cocktail that hails from West Texas. The drink of cowboys, cowgirls, ranchers and city folk alike. We were tasked to take this iconic drink nationwide, without losing out West Texas roots. So to romance West Texas, we took inspiration from a classic Alpine, TX art form: Cowboy Poetry. Cowboy poetry represents the remnant of a dying yet important way of life – the way of life from which Lone River was born.

The hero cowboy is country star and Yellow Stone actor, Ryan Bingham. Formally a bull rider himself, he was the perfect choice to be the voice and music of our spot.

Director  |  Ryan Booth.    DP  |  Pete Konczal        Music |  Ryan Bingham        Editor  |  Louis-Philippe Charette          Production  |  Pulse Pictures